Because Ballet Shouldn't Be A Privilege. 

Stairway For Ballet Step Program Poster


This program is aimed for students in from ages 5-10 especially who can't afford ballet classes. This program connects volunteer experienced dancers with children who wants to learn ballet. The volunteers are going to be providing free online classes by zoom once a week and you have the choice of either choosing a group class or a private class in the google form. 


If you would also like additional classes, there are also separate live classes that are going to be taught by Sonya once a month from July 2021 (to learn more about Sonya's qualifications and experiences go to the about page). We are also looking into providing some contemporary classes even though we are centered mostly on teaching ballet.


Our mission is for dancers to be trained well, experience joy, and feel a sense of community during these classes. If you want your child to be part of this online experience, please register below or go to the contact page and describe your child's name, age, school, dance experience, what days/time you are available for classes, what you would like to see in our program, and any questions you might have.


We are always working to improve our program, and your contributions and suggestions are always greatly appreciated. Once you register or contact us, we are going to send you a zoom link every week so that your child can take these ballet classes weekly. Simply click on the link of the email and it will take you straight to the class. 

These classes are fairly in the beginner levels since we expect students to be in a situation where they haven't encountered ballet much before. If you want to know some conditioning and stretches that your child can do, go to the exercises page under resources to watch the videos. Check out our testimonials to learn more about people's experiences in the program. We are so excited to work with you- register below for the link every Saturday!

If you would like to volunteer to teach children and if you are an experience dancer (you don't have to be a professional) then check out our For Volunteers page and sign up to be paired up with these young students!