Are you an experienced dancer?

Are you looking for ways to volunteer?

Do you like to teach children?

If you answered yes for all three questions above, you are a perfect fit for being a volunteer for the Step Program of Stairway For Ballet! If you are an experienced dancer with ballet (you don't have to be a professional) and you would love to connect and teach children especially those who can't afford it, fill out the form below to get connected with the students. 

Once you sign up for the form and if you meet our volunteer criteria, you will receive an email that asks for an interview to make sure that you are a great fit for the Step Program!

Once you are paired with the students and you start teaching, it is your responsibility to prepare for the classes once every week and let them know if you are not able to teach them that particular week. Please plan out your class before each class and also be committed and responsible- these children are relying on you to get the best dance experience possible (many have never taken ballet before!) We will also go over all of this if you are selected. 
Contact or go to the Contact form in this website for any questions. Check our testimonials from our previous volunteers!

Volunteers are currently teaching during the Summer (June-August 2021) for Cohort 1. If you would like to teach from September-December 2021 (Cohort 2) once a week, register as soon as possible and we will send you an email sometime in August 2021. 

NOTE: The Deadline for Cohort 2 Fall Session has been extended to
July 29th Thursday 11:59 PM EST

Why join the Step Program?

Simple way to do good

Teach children ages 5-10 free online ballet classes every week according to your available times and days. ​​

​An amazing community

Connect with various experienced volunteers from all around the world to connect, communicate, ask questions, etc via slack. 

Spend time doing what you love​

Especially during these difficult times when you are often bored and down, this will be a great way to connect with younger children and rekindle your passion of teaching. 

Register to be a volunteer by clicking on the button above!

Stairway For Ballet Volunteer Poster.png

The kids seem very eager to learn ballet, and I am so happy to teach them!

- Annabelle

I think this program does a very good job with organization and it gives an opportunity for students to learn ballet.

- Maria

My student is excited to learn, which makes teaching enjoyable and easy.

— Alexis

The students seem interested in learning and eager to try new steps and ask questions if they don’t understand!

- Isabel